Metaphysical Lightness

The idea of combining photography and drawing was something that had been turning in my mind since a while. When I saw¬†Gianluca Gimini‘s drawings I thought they were perfect for this experiment, so I started to combine them with my photographs. In the beginning I used pictures I already had, then I ¬†started to choose photography locations specifically for this woman that I came to consider my model.
The key to the interpretation of my project Leggerezze Metafisiche (Metaphysical Lightness) lies in the contrast between the metaphysical atmospheres of the landscapes and the seemingly provocative notes of the corpulent female figures.
The unexpected harmony of this combination leads the mind in a dreamlike world made of slight irony. These figures are free and uninfluenced by the slavery of appearance, fat because of the desire to be and communicating with the real meaning of life.